Guatemala, Wuj Kape
Guatemala, Wuj Kape Guatemala, Wuj Kape Guatemala, Wuj Kape Guatemala, Wuj Kape

Tasting Notes

Caramel, vanilla bean, intense dark fruitiness.

Origin Details

  • Region / Huehuetenango
  • Farm / 18 Women Producers
  • Variety / Caturra, Sarchimor
  • Process / Washed
  • Altitude / 1,200–1,600m

Since 1958

This Wuj Kape lot consists of two varieties: Caturra and Sarchimor. It is sourced from 18 smallholder farms — each one owned and operated by a female coffee producer with whom the Vides58 team has developed a close relationship. The farms are located at an elevation range of 1,200–1,600 masl. Harvesting generally occurs between December and March, with temperatures ranging between 18°–26°C and humidity levels of 70–80%. The 1600mm rain provides sufficient water for the plants while not excessively saturating them.

This lot is processed via the washed method, where ripe coffee cherries are picked off manually, and then de-pulped, either manually or mechanically. Next, the floaters are removed before the coffee is put in fermentation tanks for a 24-hour period. It is then spread on patios for 12–15 days to reach the desired moisture content. Finally, when the coffee reaches its ideal humidity range it is stored in bags and placed in warehouses.

The Vides story began back in 1958 when Don Jorge Vides Molina founded Finca La Bolsa as a passion project. Now, the family operates six farms in Huehuetenango and owns a state-of-the-art cupping lab in Guatemala City. The family’s commitment to producing the finest quality coffee has been rewarded with numerous awards, most notably a Cup of Excellence in 2002.

Vides58 is a member of the Guatemalan chapter of the International Women’s Coffee Alliance and has implemented four community programmes at La Bolsa, including a school, day-care, student grants and Qawale — which provides advice and support to local coffee farmers.

This single origin makes for a great latté or macchiato. Very smooth with it's syrupy, caramel like body paired with dark fruit flavours and just enough acidity to keep it exciting.

Being a medium roast, it also makes a delicious, full-bodied filter brew.