How to Store Coffee Beans

How you store your beans will affect their freshness. When storing your coffee we use 3 words: COOL, DARK and DRY. Heat, sunlight, air, and moisture will impact the quality of your beans. The more your coffee beans get exposed to these the quicker they will lose their flavour and vibrancy.

So, what's the best way to store them? You should keep your beans in an airtight solid container in a cupboard away from any substances with strong odours. Be sure the area you store them in is room temperature or cooler and there is little to no moisture in the air.

Additionally, when you buy your beans from your local roaster, make sure the roast date is not beyond two weeks and they are whole bean, not ground. Once home, do not grind your beans until you need them. This will prolong the life of your beans and will avoid flavour degradation.

Coffee's too important to have bad coffee!